Upgrading An Oracle Database
General Planning and Best Practices

Presented by Jeff Dean @SamaraTech, LLCOracle Database 12c

With the introduction of a new filesystem (ACFS), and a revolutionized database architecture (with multitenant, pluggable capabilities), Oracle Database 12c is significantly different than its predecessors; and provides a number of new and enhanced features, including:
  • Multitenant Functionality
  • Pluggable Database Architecture
  • Enhanced Security with Data Redaction (DBMS_REDACT)
  • Adaptive Query Optimization
SamaraTech has completed a number of successful production upgrades to 12c during the past 18-months.   This includes a wide range of business categories, with different IT environments; from standalone instances, to application clusters on Engineered Systems; and using various ‘flavors’ of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, AIX, and Solaris; on virtual and bare-metal platforms.  As you can imagine, each upgrade was different, and each provided a unique and valuable set of “lessons-learned”.  To help enhance the Oracle Community, SamaraTech has developed a series of short videos with recommendations and tips on how to optimize an Oracle Database upgrade to 12c.  The video series is designed to educate both technical and non-technical viewers, and covers the following, sequential topics:
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